"Create what you can't buy."

For years I've wanted to buy that perfect shirt, but have never been able to find it. My idea of a "perfect shirt" wasn't very hard to make, and more often than not these were minimalist designs -- yet I couldn't find a single place that sold my vision. So, the solution: make them myself. Produce the designs I wanted to wear, appealing to my hobbies and interests that may not have intersected with mainstream fashion.

And that's how the shop came to be.

However, we were still worried about the fast fashion impact of our production, and the social effect our business would have. So, we’ve made it a point to only source the products we use to create what we sell to you from WRAP-certified factories. Additionally, we vowed to give a portion of our earnings to organizations and charities important to us.

We're devoted to presenting unique designs and our philosophy: conscious fashion that values personalized style while still engaging in humanitarian good.

Thanks for stopping by, and we hope you have a wonderful day!

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